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Want your business or message to be found in Texas?  Newspapers, newspapers' associations, restaurants and pet grooming services are provided internet marketing for Texans.  We offer professional work at affordable costs for small businesses!  Enhance your business or organization on the internet and with our directories and be found in Texas counties.  Present your message, products and services in one or all of our seventy three Texas county directories that have served over a million and a halve visitors this last year.  We own our own servers in Texas.  Put your message out to 6,000 visitors a day in our Texas counties.  We can make that happen!


El Charro on the Ridge


Texas Informer


Place a business card in your county or any or all of our counties presented.

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Need a website, register a domain name, web hosting, or a secure email service? 

We are celebrating twelve years in business and have a great prices on registering domains! Annual cost for .info $4.99 for .us (US citizens) $7.99, and new .COMs only $8.99 per year!  Buy domain now!  Check our domain prices.


We have 24/7 support. If you need our help you can contact us directly at the telephone numbers below.  Obtain with your domain name added email service!  Never be dependent again on a internet service provider (isp) for you email address again! 


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Rather have us do it for you?  Just call or email us and we will setup your account today. We will put your business affordable presentation on the web using a domain, business directory card and link to your website by county.  We maintain our own servers in Jacksonville, Texas.


Be found in Texas!  Millions of Texans have used our Texas county directory websites,   View our current list of County presentations.  This last year we served over a million and a half visitors to our Texas County Directories. Our prices will let you be found in each county we present for as little as a $1.25 per month. Call us for banner ad rates.  Be found and be seen! Try us out go ahead, google or bing Atascosa County, Texas. Try a search to your own county, with (Your County) County, Texas Directory.  Thanks for visiting, call or email us to assist you. 


Online Directory of Texas

Michael E. Ousley, Owner

P. O. Box 1248  Jacksonville, Texas 75766


Toll free number 800.589.9682

email: mousley@odot.us

Thank you for your support!

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Dallas County, Texas

Business card presentations in our county directories provides you exposure to millions of visitors.

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“If you try to do something and fail, you
are vastly better off than if you had tried nothing and succeeded.”

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